Maple Leaf Ranch is a grower of the finest fruit products, with a specialty in figs, persimmons, pomegranates, and kiwi. A subsidiary company of Catania Worldwide, Maple Leaf Ranch is in Madera California, where the cycle of ground to table begins and where the complete control of vertical integration is critically defined.

Maple Leaf Ranch consists of 150 acres of figs, persimmons and pomegranates (60 acres of organic).

The Maple Leaf team also manages 20 acres of figs on La Vina ranch, as well as 20 acres of figs and kiwi on Gulke Ranch.

An additional 760 acres of kiwi and figs are farmed, picked and shipped through Stellar Distributing of Madera California. All farms are Primus certified.

Catania Mexico grows, packs and ships limes from two areas; Atotonilco (just outside of Guadalajara) and Martinez de la Torre in the state of Veracruz.

Our new packing shed in Atotonilco is 37,000 square feet with Primus certification on both shed and field. In the state of Morelos, we have discovered a microclimate that allows us to ship figs opposite season to California. Catania Mexico now ships “Black Mission” variety figs from October to May to both Canada and the United States. Our fields are 200 acres, and the expansion of our new packing shed has provided us with expanded refrigeration and full pre cooling facilities. Our next project, which will run out of the fig facility, will be an aggressive Hass avocado program, where we will pack, ship and distribute to Canada. This program will launch in September of 2017.




Limes – Eastern & Western Canada

Figs – Eastern & Western Canada

Lemons – Eastern Canada 

Mangos – Eastern & Western Canada

Kiwis – Eastern & Western Canada