Our unique vertically integrated program, gives M.L. Catania Canada complete control, from growing right to distribution. We get the fruit from the ground and we get it to the customer. Having our own devoted growers, allows us to pass on high-quality standards with complete control throughout the entire process: we know when to pick it, when to pack it and when to ship it.

M.L. Catania Canada’s large facility located in Mississauga, Ontario boasts the latest in sorting, packaging, and quality control technology. Innovation and efficiencies translate to optimal savings and reduced costs for our customers worldwide.

What sets us apart? Our ability to create and provide customized packaging, deliver high-quality fruit at all times, and to meet the delivery requirements of our customers.

In addition to providing premium quality products to our clients and customers, M.L. Catania also provides exceptional services such as quality control inspections, repacking of the product, product regrading and cross docking.  Such services and information regarding them are available upon request.


Check out our brief video that further illustrates how we operate (turn sound on):