Catania Mexico provides Catania Worldwide and Stellar a vertically integrated design. We are able to control our product from A to Z by growing, picking, packing and shipping from Mexico to ourselves in the U.S. and Canada. The advantages are numerous, and highlighted by maximum control of the product for quality, price and especially food traceability.

Catania Mexico grows, packs and ships limes from two areas; Atotonilco (just outside of Guadalajara) and Martinez de la Torre in the state of Veracruz.  Our fields are 200 acres, and the expansion of our new packing shed has provided us with expanded refrigeration and full pre cooling facilities.

Our next project, which will run out of the fig facility, will be an aggressive Hass avocado program, where we will pack, ship and distribute to Canada. This program will launch in September of 2017.

Catania Mexico is proud of our young, efficient and aggressive staff throughout Mexico that has been compiled to best transition the company into the next generation.



Food Safety Program: All farms are  Primus cert.certified, with all fruit being shipped out of M.L. Catania Canada in Mississauga, Ontario and Stellar Distributing in Madera California.