Our new packing shed in Atotonilco is 37,000 square feet. In Cuatla, Morelos, our facility has 3 coolers and 1 pre cooler. Two coolers are 2,000 square feet with 100 pallet capacity per cooler, while the third is 800 square feet with a 50 pallet capacity. Our pre cooler can hold 12+ pallets.



Catania Mexico uses an all stainless steel fruit sizer that can run up to 3 truckloads per day. This machine has 2 different levels for grading, enabling our crew to better remove unwanted product, providing our customers with the highest quality fruit.


Food Safety Program:

Primus GFS is a food safety management system, of international character and applicable to the whole of the food chain of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is based on principles of the FDA of innocuous quality, HACCP, BPA and BPM.

Certifications: Ranch, packing, crop crew