The facility is 40,000 square feet; with cold storage room for 1600 pallets utilizing a triple racked system, as well as ripening facilities.

Giro 4 Bagging machines – Those are integrated with 2 sets of scales. The scales weigh the fruit to the required weight per bag and then release the fruit to 1 of the bagging machines. The bagging machines assemble mesh material and printed film to form a finished bag with heat welded seams. The fruit is then inserted into the bag and the top is sealed and finger holes are produced for ease of handling. The bagging machines can produce up to 25 bags per minute each depending on the fruit and bag size.

Box Erector – The machine glues and forms per-printed die cut boxes and trays at a speed of 22 finished boxes per minute. These boxes are used hold, ship and display our products in.