M.L. Catania Company was founded in 1929 by Michael Leonard Catania. A true pioneer, Michael Catania was the first man to import lettuce into Canada in the wintertime. No one had ever seen greens in the winter season before. In 1946, Paul Catania Sr. joined the company. Together they cultivated relationships of which many still exist today. In 1975, Paul Catania Jr. joined his father in the business.

The family-run company maintains its small-business charm and integrity, while leading an international group of companies to remain at the top of the field. We believe that the one-on-one relationship is crucial to the success of the company, and especially our clients’ businesses. From our farmers and shippers to your shelves, every step of the process is carefully monitored and executed. We know the taste of success. This success comes from working hand-in-hand with our employees and our clients to ensure that the finest fruit products are grown, packaged, shipped and or course sold.


“As the company has evolved to Catania Worldwide, I am proud that my focus and the company’s main goal remains to be providing service and quality. Food safety, packaging innovations, profitability and organics are primary differentiators, which allow us to lead the industry.”

Paul Catania, President