M.L. Catania Canada

M.L. Catania Canada provides the best possible variety of high-quality fruit products and service through vertical integration and a complete ground-to-table process. Being constantly challenged to remain on top of our field is exactly why M.L. Catania Canada invests in technology and our people. No two days are the same, no two seasons are the same, and no two customers are the same, knowing this is what makes Catania different. Quality. Taste. Integrity.

From ground to customer… quality is always in season.

Catania Worldwide

Stellar Distributing

Stellar Distributing is an international produce company with an extensive, growing base of customers and suppliers. We provide the finest service and products by maintaining a strong position around the world. Our strengths: top quality[…]
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Catania New Jersey

Catania New Jersey supports the re-styling, storage, and shipping for Catania Worldwide to supply the Eastern U.S. Sales and distribution of quality fruit products from our 40,000 square feet facility with cold storage for 1600[…]
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Catania Mexico

Catania Mexico provides Catania Worldwide with the first stage of a vertically integrated design. We control our product from A to Z by growing, picking, packing and shipping from Mexico to Catania in the U.S.[…]
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Maple Leaf Ranch

Maple Leaf Ranch is a grower of the finest fruit products, with a specialty in figs, persimmons, pomegranates, and kiwi. A subsidiary company of Catania Worldwide, Maple Leaf Ranch is where the cycle of ground[…]
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